Friday, April 18, 2014

Review of 'Come Find Me', by Travis Neighbor Ward

A review copy was provided by the author in return for an honest review. For clarity’s sake, I will not use the Amazon rating, as I find it too harsh. To me, five stars will always mark a great read, whereas I will grant four stars to those books that I enjoy and that make me want to revisit the author’s work and maybe read another one of their books. Three stars will be given to books that I had some troubles following, but that do possess some qualities (plot, characters, memorable ending, good writing, etc.) And, of course, the lowest numbers of stars will be for books that I didn’t enjoy. 
'Come find me' by Travis Neighbor Ward is the story of Jessica Wilson, a wildlife rescue center manager in the Georgia mountains. Jessica is helping to care for her mother and her widowed sister’s children. At twenty-six, she decided to settle down with a wealthy Canadian rancher, Blake McCormack. Their love life lacks the spark of passion, but Jessica tries to convince herself that her marriage to Blake will be perfect. Her efforts to ignore her ever-surfacing doubts begin to crumble when Mark Fripp, the boy she fell in love with at age sixteen, comes back into her life. Secrets, new torments and doubts start marring her existence, as she attempts to stick to her plans for the future.
I started reading this book yesterday and kept reading late into the night, then continued this morning until I was done with the 300+ pages. Clearly, the story was entertaining and it kept me engrossed (most of the time) as it followed the steps of Jessica and Mark’s love story.
Complications arise due to misunderstandings; heartache happens as obstacles pop up; all in all, a well-developed conflict that follows the pattern of a classic romance novel.  
I found that at times I wasn’t drawn into the story, as it was slow-developing and overly-descriptive. Although I liked the plot and the characters, I felt the author’s presence all along. I think that the story could have been improved by allowing the characters to inconspicuously develop through their personality and dialogue, rather than through facts and emotions stated by the author.
If you are a fan of Travis then you'll probably enjoy this novel. Some may find it a little flat, but I think it is worth reading.

Travis’ novel can be purchased on Amazon in both hard copy and Ebook format. Click HERE to access the purchase link.
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