Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review of 'Love's sorrow' by Terri Rochenski

A review copy was provided by the author in return for an honest review.
May I begin by apologizing to the author for the extended delay in finalizing this review. I wasn’t very well lately, and this is likely to impact my reading speed over the next few weeks as well, but please bear with me, I’m getting there.
I must say I am rarely so impressed with a novel. Terry, thumbs up! This is a great book, and I am giving it four and a half stars. There were a couple of reasons I didn’t go up to five. Perhaps I should start with them, and get the cons out of the way.
What bothered me was the certainty that I had all along that there was something wrong with Gavin MacKay. The author  showed her presence, albeit unwittingly, by presenting a main character who was suspicious from the beginning.
The author’s presence was noticeable throughout the book as she kept telling the reader things that she should have inconspicuously showed (as per the famous writing rule I keep quoting in my reviews.) I agree that sometimes this is not possible when writing a book  from a first person point of view, but I feel that there were many instances in the novel where Terri could have better used her writing skills.
Other than that, I can only praise ‘Love’s sorrow’ at every level. Beautifully written, authentic, it drew me in like a magnet and I just couldn’t put it down. One of those rare page-turners with well-developed characters, great attention to detail that provides an amazing sense of time and place, but most importantly an amazing, heartrending story for which I can only commend the author. I am glad that this is the beginning of a series, and I beg Terri to come back to me with the next instalment.
I apologize that this review is not more elaborate, but since I have no criticism to add, I see no reason to extend it.
Congratulations, Terri!
Terri’s novel can be purchased on Amazon in both hard copy and Ebook format. Click HERE to access the purchase link.
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