Saturday, July 5, 2014

Promoting 'Courteous Canines: Practical Dog Training for the Rest of Us' by Mike Dufort

Today I have the great pleasure of promoting a dog training book written by no other than the sensational, fabulous, the one and only, Mike Dufort, my dear husband. Let me start by showing him off. Isn't he the most gorgeous man on the planet? Of course he is! Just look at the cool Revo sunglasses he's sporting, at the sexy day's worth of stubble, and you will definitely think that I'm the luckiest woman on earth. And you know what? I am, without a shadow of a doubt.
But let's not wander from the main issue, which is, of course, my dear husband's book. It is called, as you certainly know it from the title of this post, 'Courteous Canines: Practical Dog Training for the Rest of Us.' Here's the cover:

May I begin by saying that a good chunk of the book is free for download today on Amazon, courtesy of the author. The link to the free sample can be found HERE.

But what is the book about? Are you struggling to teach your dog how to obey your commands, to stop chewing on your favorite belongings, to behave when interacting with your guests? Or maybe your dog is taking YOU for a walk, instead of the other way around? The answers to these questions - and much more - can be found in this humorous, fun and informative book that is packed with common sense advice and practical solutions, presented in easy-to-read, bite-sized sections.
Here is my review of the book, and you can't say that I am biased, because I reviewed the book when I was in Australia, at the other end of the world, within days of starting to communicate with Mike, when we barely knew each other. Cross my heart!
I had the privilege to read an advance copy of this book, and I must say I am very impressed. As a dog owner, I came across many challenges, even though my dog has always been an amazing, well behaved pet. As I read Mike Dufort's book, I recognized my dog's behavior in his thorough description, and found abundant common sense advice about how to deal with all challenges. 'Courteous Canines' is brimming with precious information that will make a dog owner's life so much easier. it is beautifully structured, very logical, easy to read, and as a bonus, it is sooooo fun. I also loved the dog quotes that are scattered all over the book. Clearly, Mike Dufort is an animal lover, and his passion oozes out of every page of this fantastic book. 'Courteous Canines' is a cornucopia of excellent advice, a must read and definitely a keeper. Highly recommended!
And here are two other reviews that were posted on Goodreads by other readers:
I have just finished reading Mike Dufort's book. I was very pleased with the detailed advice, and I believe that it is very useful. Simple tricks to deal with my dog's unwanted behaviour, and to overcome all challenges. From information about how to welcome the new pup into the family, how to stop him from chewing, jumping on people, barking unnecessarily, to useful nutrition recommendations, use of collars and so on, this book contains the most comprehensive and well described advice that I ever came across. I highly recommend this book to all dog lovers. MaggieD
I was absolutely thrilled to find so much useful, common sense advice compiled in one book. The information is extremely helpful and very well presented, in an easy to understand and fun manner. This one is a keeper! Jeanne Parkley   
The entire book can be purchased on Amazon in Kindle format for $2.99. This is just a fraction of the price that you would normally pay for a dog training book, so what are you waiting for? Click HERE for the purchase link. Enjoy!
And yes, I love you, Mike. More than anything. Unconditionally. Forever and beyond.

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