Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review of 'Harper's Wish' by Krista Ames

I received an e-copy of this novella from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

It is hard to write an elaborate opinion when the story is a little over 40 pages in length. To start with, the author barely has any time to develop the characters, and, in truth, it is the hardest job to make them believable in such a short amount of writing. So I can only praise Krista Ames for achieving just that.
Harper Donaldson, a twenty four year old postmistress in a small Montana town, has never known a happy Christmas in the midst of a happy family, as she was orphaned at a young age. So all she wants for Christmas this year is to have a family. Yet she does not believe in Santa, nor in the mystery Santa’s  mailbox that has appeared in the lobby of the post office. Given the fact that the novella is so short, any further details would be spoilers, so I will stop here.
What I will add though, is that this short story, although not strongly written, is a sweet, touching read that will make you smile. As you keep reading, you will have the certainty that there will be a perfectly happy ending, like in every Santa book, and you will turn the last page brimming with satisfaction, and wishing for that Santa’s mailbox to appear at your local post office.
Krista's novella can be purchased on Amazon in Kindle format. Click HERE for the purchase link.
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