Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review of 'Old Flame' by Annabelle Blume

A review copy was provided by the author in return for an honest review.
Hannah has been obsessed with James ever since they broke up. She just cannot let go. So she secretly spies on him, alters her own schedule hoping to meet him face to face once again. She doesn’t. Instead, she meets gorgeous waiter Marc while dining with her friend Annie at Pecorino’s. Marc feels an instant attraction towards Hannah and asks for her phone number. She gives it to him, thinking that he might hook him up with Annie later on. But that’s not how things will work out in the end.
Annabelle Blume has written a very short novella. It is so short, indeed, there was no time to develop the characters at all, hence the concept of love seems to be misplaced. While real love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship, it can also be born in a moment, and it will be just as strong and lost lasting as the former if certain criteria are met. But that’s not the point that Annabelle failed to make in her story. I felt all along that she rushed the characters’ relationship, and maneuvered them towards a premature ending.  She painted a canvas in front of the reader’s eyes, pointing at her every stroke, explaining her technique, instead of showing the magic of the final product and letting the reader discover its secrets.
I also found that by the end of the story I couldn’t figure out what Hannah really wanted, or if she really knew what she wanted, even though the author listed the heroine’s inner thoughts about her past life as opposed to her new existence.
What also distracted me was the repeated occurrence of typos and syntax errors. Where on earth were the editor and proof reader?
Having said all that, Annabelle’s novella does deserve your attention. It is well written, sweet, and it depicts feelings that are so familiar to many of us. We have all been through deception, suffering, we all had a broken heart, and most of us found it hard to let go. Annabelle has a gift at capturing all these feelings, and the female behavioral response to an emotional loss. I commend her for that.
Old flame’ is a pleasant read that I would not hesitate to recommend.  
Annabelle's novella can be purchased on Amazon in Kindle format. Click HERE for the purchase link.
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